No New Flats In Bengaluru For 5 Years? Maybe, Says Deputy Chief Minister

No New Flats In Bengaluru For 5 Years? Maybe, Says Deputy Chief Minister

The Karnataka government may ban apartment construction in Bengaluru for a few years.


Construction of massive apartment complexes may be put on hold to help Bengaluru tide over potential water shortage, Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister Dr G Parameshwara has hinted. The idea was, however, far from implementation, he added.

“This is loud thinking because we are running short of water. We are trying to get from different sources to Bangalore,” he said.

It was not just water that is contributing to this reasoning. “Number of vehicles… you have seen the big apartment complexes. And in that area if we don’t build roads there will be more number of vehicles. Each family will have one, two, three and number of vehicles. So we thought – at least for a while, maybe five years – we will bring in some sort of restriction on building apartments in Bangalore city. We are still in the discussion stage. We will work out the pros and cons,” the minister said.

If this decision is indeed taken by the Karnataka government, it could be met with horror by the real estate sector.

“Friends from the industry should understand,” Dr Parameshwara said. “Nobody can create water. We are already at the fifth stage of Cauvery and there are no other sources in sight. If I talk about Linganamakki, there will be protest. If I talk about Yettinahole, there will be protest. So where do I get water to Bangalore with its growing population?” he added.

“I am taking precautions. I don’t want to wait for something to happen. I don’t want my city to overnight to have water shortage. Can you imagine situation if for two months there is no water in Cauvery? Borewells we have gone down about 1200 feet. All borewells put together would generate about 400 MLD (million litres per day)” Dr Parameshwara said.


But the deputy chief minister also made it clear that the authorities were working on staving off any water crisis. He said, “We are working in many directions. On one side we are trying to rejuvenate lakes of Bangalore. On the other we are trying to bring in more water from different sources. And for the first time in the country we are trying to recycle the water. We are recycling 600/700 MLD secondary level water which is going to Kolar side.”

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